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Preventing Shopping Cart Abandonment Effectively

Online shopping may have significantly increased during quarantine,but so did shopping cart abandonment. Many love to browse,but not a lot choose to go through with the purchase. For online businesses,this is an issue that must be addressed quickly,not only to prevent losses,but also to not waste the results of those SEO training course. Here are some strategies to lessen the rate of shopping cart abandonment on your e-commerce site:

Send a follow-up email quickly

When your customer leaves their shopping cart without checking out,reel them back in by sending an email reminder within the first few hours of abandonment. This is the right time frame to regain as many lost customers as you can. Make this easier with a retargeting technology and the right email marketing strategy.

Increase the shopper’s trust

Online shopping involves providing one’s personal and financial information to an e-commerce site. So,make your customers feel safe to make a purchase by having a valid SSL certificate and other well-known security logos on your website. Add as many security features as possible.

Make the checkout process fast

The ideal checkout process should only include 3 to 5 steps. Making it as short and quick as possible will be beneficial to the customers,as too long a shopping process will only make things appear complicated. Many online shoppers will not push through with their purchase if they need to go through too many steps and fill in way too many fields just for a simple item.

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